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Performance Management for Growing Companies

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About Us


K&L Performance Management is a company born from the hearts of two friends, Karla and Lisa, who applied their many years of operational and marketing experience to create a performance-driven company that provides organizational action plans, customized blueprints, and growth-driven marketing strategies.  K&L Performance Management can help simplify your processes and help your business grow. 


Does this sound familiar? 

  • Feeling overwhelmed by the logistics of running a business

  • Juggling operations and product launches instead of focusing on the mission of your company

  • Being pulled in many directions and you need help creating structure

  • Trying to figure out how to scale to the next level


This is where K&L Performance Management comes in to develop streamlined business processes to deliver working solutions for small businesses. Let K&L bring their passion and experience in business organization and performance improvement to you so you can focus on the reasons you started your business.

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Where are You at in Your Business?

Taking Notes
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Your business is steady and has consistent revenue. You are looking for someone to help you maintain what you’ve already built.


Your business is starting to grow and has hit some challenges. You need someone to help optimize your time, processes, and marketing tactics.


You are trying to accelerate the growth of your business. You need someone to help you identify the strategy and processes that will help you get there.

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